Tuesday, August 17, 2010

Happy Birthday Dad!

Today is my dad's birthday. He's 68...I'm thinking he doesn't care that I mention his age since he's not a lady like that :) 68, holy crap. My dad hasn't acted 68, or his age for that matter since I've been adult enough to know him!

My dad is an amazing papa. He loves his boys so much and they adore him. I'm so happy that my boys will get to grow up with their grandparents nearby. Mine lived in other states and visits were somewhat few and far between. I think it's wonderful that my parents and inlaws are so present in their lives. My dad is there for all the big, important stuff and all the little minutia too. It's so incredible. He's a wonderful babysitter when we ask him, he's there for all swim lessons and he's never been a helicopter grandparent if you know what I mean...if you don't it's probably because I'm saying it wrong :) I mean that he never hovers over me telling me that I'm doing something wrong. Maybe I am...but my point is that he doesn't point it out which is huge!

Anyone who knows the two of us well enough, knows that I'm my father's daughter. Very much so - I get my tendency to go grey early, my sharp tongue and love of cursing, my tendency to lean right politically, my inability to tolerate idiots, high tolerance for alcohol, and staggering good looks from him. Thanks for everything dad and happy birthday!

papa and noah - just a few hours old

papa & tashi with connor - Easter 2010

Papa & Tashi - his bday last year


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