Friday, August 13, 2010

Hair today, gone tomorrow

Boy hair is so different than girl hair. I never understood why it was truly necessary for Jeff to get a haircut every 4-5 weeks when i manged to go 4-5 months--which i'm fully aware is too long. I just don't make the time for it and it's not like an infant and 3 year old will sit nicely reading people magazine while I get my hair did!

Anyway, I didn't get it with Jeff but now I get it. When their hair grows even a bit you've got a junior mullet and over the ear hair showing up, which is no bueno. Connor's hair grows fast like mine and Jeff's so he's there pretty often as well, though we let him go a bit longer since his looks cute a bit shaggy. I've always wondered how he'd look with longish hair, like kingston or levi :) but I just don't think I would be able to handle the growing out period. we like to spike it up sometimes so there needs to be a bit of lenght on top. Wow, this is boring, i'll just post the before and after pic now!

It got a little shorter than i'd like but I don't understand the number system used for boy haircuts. It's like converting to the metric system...I understand 'take 3 inches off please', not 'use a #4 here and blend to a #2 here'. Moms of boys, you know what i'm saying, right?

Well, school pics are next wednesday so here's hoping that it grows out just a tad :)

Happy Friday Everyone!!


Krista said...

he looks handsome! the shorter cut will allow for a little bit longer between cuts.

The Neerings Family said...

Owen's only 11 months and I totally get what you're saying. He just had his 2nd haircut at Lollilock's (1st one done by me at home). I was thinking maybe it'd grow out and be a little curly. But it was just too scraggly looking. And of course he has way more hair than Audrey did at this age.