Tuesday, August 17, 2010

B is for Boy, and Baseball

we go to lots of games, especially this season for some reason. probably because connor is just as baseball obsessed as always and we like to get both boys out of the house as much as possible. i get crazy if stuck in the house for too long and unfortunately it seems I passed that along to atleast one of my boys.

I think this was Noah's 3rd or 4th game. Everytime we go connor begs to play in Future's Field where they have the batting cage. We've never let him because the line is Out Of Control but we planned it out this time and got to the game really early. It was Gonzo's retirement night so it was still bat s&%t crazy but we managed. He LOVED it which is probably pretty obvious. This is a kid who runs around target pretending to run the bases and then sliding into home.
waiting his turn nicely
hey batta batta

told jeff to take a pic of me and the boys since i'm always the one taking the pics. I am still not sure why we took our pic with Augie. Maybe because he's closer to the size of the 3 of us. Not sure. Random. Blame the photographer in this one :)

my boys, happy sigh

jeffrey intently watching the game...noah intently waiting for his next meal

i'm 100% sure this is the type of smile we'll get tomorrow on picture day. positive.

checking out the group behind us. loves the attention. shocker.

we told connor that if a foul ball came over it was his job to protect noah. he took his job serious. i think we ruined the game for him by giving him a job. we suck at parenting.

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Katy said...

poor guy's all concerned with being the protector, haha.