Thursday, September 23, 2010

Nearly Wordless Wednesday

We are a family of sports fans. Jeff prefers baseball, but football is easily my favorite. easily. We're all thrilled that football season is finally here. For me, it's like you have to wait through the longest, most boring season (baseball...) to finally be rewarded with football. ahhh.

For years and years, our family has gotten together at the Vine or someother nearby family friendly sports bar to watch the games. We have a fantasy league made up of family members and it's just fun to get everyone together for one day a week. We usually arrive at 10am and stick around for 3-4 hours, sometimes more. There are usually about 10-15 of us but the first Sunday of regular season brought nearly everyone out...I think there were about 25 there at one time. Good times. :)

not really a die hard fan yet, clearly

creepy face
we come with lots of baggage - we bring a portable dvd player with like 5 movies in case his interest in the games diminishes. this weekend, he was content with jacob's nintendo thingy

Noah is continuing to grow and become more of a little person. He's reaching for things way more and he'll turn when you call to him - when he feels like it. He smiles and laughs all the time and is still a snuggler. He'll be 4 months old next week.

this is one of his favorite spots to practice his sitting

i had to have photographic proof of him grasping something. this is a new skill so we're pretty stoked. now, we've just got to get him to learn to hold his own bottle. :)


Krista said...

Sounds like fun! We love football too. Love that first pic of Noah!

Glad you posted. I was beginning to miss your blogging. :)

Katy said...

Barnes family=vine football. It's just a fact.