Wednesday, September 29, 2010

Nearly Wordless Wednesday

When Connor was about 4-5 months old we would hold him up and let him "stand" on us. He loved it so much that he'd fuss anytime we just had him sitting because he wanted to stand. Always with the standing! Since we can't hold him 24/7, we went out and got him a bouncer/walker/exersaucer thingy. Because we're nuts, we bought the most expensive one at BRU but it's been soooo worth it. Connor loved it and it becomes a standing toy when they are standing/walking on their own so he used it for about a year after that just to stand and play with the toys.

About a month ago Noah started with his own love of standing constantly. He gets so giddy and giggly when we hold him up by his little hands and let him stand by himself. Loves it. So we broke out the exersaucer thing and introduced Noah to his new favorite thing. :) He's probably a month plus younger than Connor was when he started using it so we had to prop him up with pillows to get him to remain upright in the thing.

he just loves it. i have a pic of connor in this toy and i need to find it so i can post a comparrison pic.

sometimes i just have to post the weird ones. this is clearly one of those time. wtf kid.

he does a lot of this - eating the seat. I think he's started the teething process over the last week or so. Drool is everywhere.
he loves this football. if he's fussy we just give it to him and he chews on it with serious determination. I'm not sure what he's determined to do but he's focussed on it.

look at these chunky legs :)


The Neerings Family said...

Holy eyelashes!!! How come little boys always have the BEST eyelashes?

Karen said...

I seriously thought that the first picture was Connor! They look so much alike to me. Love it!