Monday, March 28, 2011

9 months old

It's been a somewhat difficult past few months for Noah. Pediatrician appointments, pulmonologisy appointments, ENT appointments, urgent care, breathing treatments, steroids, antibiotics, ear surgery, ear infections, blah, blah. When it's all laid out like that it's not too surprising that I'm several weeks late with his 9 month post. I took the adorb pic on the day he turned 9 months old...just never got around to actually blogging about it.
I love that my kids are still mostly happy when they are sick. They smile and laugh and play. This is great news because if they acted as sick as they are sometimes it would make it 500x tougher on everyone. Noah is amazing. He's funny and has THE best laugh. His smile is oh-so cute right now as he still has just the two bottom teeth hanging out. They came in so fast one right after the other and then just stopped.

The lack of teeth have not slowed down his eating though. Holy crap this kid. He's still having about 25-30oz of formula a day and three solid food servings during the day. He eats the larger containers, plus we have to bulk them up with cereal because simple baby food just doesn't do it for him. In addition to those 7 meals we've added in snacks during the day which is always fun (& messy!). I wanted to give him finger food but when I checked around the house everything that would work had honey in it. Honey nut cheerios, honey graham crackers...after a quick shopping trip he devoured cheerios. Loved it. I kept giving him a handful of them which is like 20 cheerios and then they'd be gone and he'd be grunting/yelling/gibbering for more. I'd give him more and the same thing happened over and over until I realized I'd given him something loco like 6 handfulls. Another night I gave him a piece of bread, sans crust. He ate it and looked at me like, "um, what else ya got?" I grabbed a tortilla next and he ate that. The human garbage disposal wasn't done. I grabbed my new box of honey free graham crackers and he ate three whole graham crackers - this after the bread and the tortilla...and a whole meal of baby food+cereal!! Beast baby :)

nom, nom, nom - crackers :)

He wants to walk so badly and has really taken to his walker. Once we showed him that it would allow him to get around and see what was going on everywhere he loves it. He pushes it around everywhere and also thinks everything should be pushed around like this little walker. He'll stand up, put his hands on chairs, tables, his big jumper and push them around the room like a little tank. Yesterday I was feeding him and he stood at his walker - he'd take a bite, walk around a bit, return for another bite and so on. As for talking, he'll do the mamamamamama thing so I'm pretty sure we're going to say he says mama. yup. he does. He'll do dadadadada too but not nearly as much. It's only fair - Connor said dada first so I was due. Although he doesn't say the word NO yet, he's thinking it. Anytime we say No to him, which is often since he's threatening to walk, so he's into everything, he smiles and shakes his head vigorously. I love it. It cracks us up - we tell him no just to see him doing it. It cracks him up too!

the drying area for bottles, sippy cups and other kid stuff - note all the medicine thingies. geez.

(ps - the day I'm finally posting this Noah turns 10 months old! I'll get his 10 month pic posted but most of the stuff above is the same :)


Katy said...

love those two bottom teeth

Karen said...

He's so big!! :)