Monday, March 7, 2011

Update to sicky sick sick

Well, we've all been to urgent care in the last 24 hours and the outcome: we're gross.

I drug myself into my favorite urgent care and was diagnosed with pneumonia. I was told that if the fever persisted for another two days I'd be hospital bound. I got a z-pack (my antibiotic of choice), a steroid and some codine cough syrup to help me sleep and control the incredibly painful cough that is seriously kicking my rump. The doctor told me that I'd feel noticeable better in 24 hours and he was correct. I still feel pretty miserable but most of the symptoms are gone. The cough is lingering and I can feel the junk in my chest but all the other stuff is way lessened. I can walk around without my body being in intense pain today so that is a great accomplishment!

While I was at my appointment, jeffrey took the boys to ped urgent care where we found out that Noah doesn't actually have RSV but that he has bronchiolitis again. Good lord! Not only that but his left tube (put in about 3 weeks ago only) is blocked. Fan freaking tastic. They gave us an antibiotic to try and battle the ear issue and later that night the other ear started draining which means that there's an ear infection there. So we're using the drops we have in both ears additionally. Hopefully we'll breakdown the blockage in the left ear and resolve the infection in the right ear. That's a twice a day thing. The oral antibiotic is twice a day too, but has to be done before 4pm so that's somewhat difficult. We've got to stay on the breathing treatments and they added another Rx to add into the breathing treatment regimine so we're loaded up on this whole routine.

Poor Connor. We thought he'd just have a bad cold or something but it turns out that he's got strep. He seems totally fine but his fever will not quit. We have to keep telling him to slow down and rest but he just feels ok so I suppose that's great news.

Jeff went to urgent care this morning himself and found out that he's got a bad respiratory virus

Regardless, they are both staying home with mom tomorrow.

I drove into the office tonight after dinner and grabbed a ton of work to do. I love being busy at work but I really hate that no one else knows what I do and can back me up if I am this sick. Job security is one thing but this is just crazy town. I don't talk about work often on here because, well just because. My office is run really, really lean and most of the departments consist of several people who all do the same jobs so they can step into each others tasks if needed. I'm a department of one and not a single person knows my job so I can't really take time away. Plus, my work is time sensitive and there are state laws that regulate how quickly I need to turn things around to banks, lenders, buyers, etc. so being behind really isn't an option. So hopefully I'll be able to get some work done tomorrow so that Tuesday when I roll in I'll just be 'normal' behind, not ridiculous behind. In other words, I'm kinda a bid deal.

On a side note, we're so thankful to our family for their help this weekend. My mom brought us a large batch of chicken noodle soup that we ate all weekend. I just had the last of it for dinner tonight and am thinking that I may make a batch of soup again this week - just so yummy! Jeff's mom really saved us today. I was pretty much quarantined to the room since bear and connor really can't get pneumonia. That left everything to Jeffrey who was really sick himself. He needed to get to urgent care so Diane came over this morning and handled all the medicine, breathing treatments, diapers, feedings, cuddles and everything else. She also bullied me into getting back in the room when I'd wander out and try to clean the kitchen or something else. :) I was mortified, but also incredibly thankful, when I saw her folding our laundry. We do 10-15 loads of laundry a week...seriously...and the clean loads were piling up, literally. That was a lifesaver!

That's it for now.

PS-I realized tonight that this is my 501st post!! Can you believe it?? That means I wasted the exciting 500th post on talking about germs and illness. Lame, but typical!


Krista said...

Oh no! You guys sound miserable. I hope you are all on the road to recovery soon. Being a sick mama is no fun! If you're like me, you are too busy taking care of everyone else to take care of yourself. Yay for awesome families!

Olivia said...

Aw Lindsay, let me know if I can help you guys in any way. Feel better!