Thursday, March 3, 2011

sicky sick sick

ugh. noah had a 3 week reprieve of sickness, if you don't count his ear surgery on 2/16. I don't count that because he came out of it with flying colors and didn't slow down a bit.

A couple days ago he started with pink eye - grossest thing ever - but we got it all fixed like immediately with an antibiotic eye drop. The next day the tell tale runny nose came and then yesterday morning he woke up with a fever. Excellent. Jeff stayed home with the boys yesterday and took him to the doctor. Hello RSV.

RSV is our nightmare. Connor had it at almost the exact same age as Bear and was out for 3 weeks. Horrible. It was tough. I remember he was the same size as all the kids in his class and then he was home with RSV for three weeks, eating much less than normal, and when we took him back we all noticed that he was a head shorter than his besties. Seriously though, there was a noticeable difference.

Yesterday while Jeff was home with the boys, my throat was super sore all day long. Last night it really hit the fan with full on hacking and junkiness. You're welcome. Jeff's not feeling stellar either but I stayed home with Noah today and Jeff took Connor to school.

Noah's eating hasn't slowed at all so I'm not worried with that happening. He is all boogery and has a hacking cough every now and then. The fever is gone so the worst thing we're dealing with now is that all the snotty mucus sits in his tummy and he usually spits up his first bottle in the morning. It's not like it's a symptom, it's just that his tummy is all full of nastiness from the drainage all night. No fun.

These next two weeks are doctor's appointment-palooza. We have his 9 month well visit (ha) on Tuesday, his Pulminologist follow up is Friday and then his ENT surgical follow up is the following Wednesday. I think it's really safe to say that once those three appointments pass, we will have had nearly 25 doctors appointments (just for Bear!) since Thanksgiving. No joke.

I feel so icky...and I am trying to get work done but Noah seems to be just as obsessed with my laptop as I am. As long as he's still fever-free tomorrow he's heading back to school. He's not contagious anymore and they will do his breathing treatments there which is great. We do a steriod treatment in the morning and night and then another albuterol breathing treatment every 3 hours. Poor baby :)

Ok, well I'm off to try and get a little bit of work done. Hope you're having a great's almost over!

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