Friday, September 11, 2009

Friday's Dose of Brilliance

Today's post is kinda a three in one deal. I love FML (F My Life) and GMH (Gives Me Hope) but never posted it here for some reason. Recently a coworker, knowing my love for funny websites, sent me a new site that I'd never heard of. It's similar to FML, but I think it's way, way funnier. It's My Life Is Average (MLIA) and is full of hilarious, average happenings. This is one of my more recent favorites:
Today, I locked myself out of my house. Knowing that my parents had hidden a key in the backyard, but not knowing where it was, I invited a couple friends over and turned it into a treasure hunt. I gave the guy who found it a piece of cake. MLIA
Here's a quick sample from FML:
Today, I received my passport in the mail. They got my birthdate wrong. Then I picked up my birth certificate that I had sent in with the application. Turns out my parents have been celebrating my birthday on the wrong day for 16 years. FML
And lastly a sample from GMH:
I work in a childcare center and, while telling the children what to play with, a teacher inadvertently knocked over a young girl's blocks. A boy from across the room yelled "HEY!" and he ran over to where the teacher and the girl where. He started setting her blocks back up for her. His care GMH.
(Warning: do NOT spend time on GMH if you are at work...the stuff will make you cry so you'll look like an idiot. Lesson Learned)

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Amy @ Living Locurto said...

Hi there... I saw where you are an alumni from my college:-) I was a KD, but I know exactly what you're talking about with the owls. How fun! We had a blast up there this weekend.