Wednesday, September 30, 2009

Nearly Wordless Wednesday

So I think I may need to rename this post title every week. It started as Wordless Wednesday, but then became Nearly Wordless Wednesday shortly after because I just couldn't handle not posting a caption at the very least. Now I've just abandoned the "wordless" concept completely and have somehow moved on to storytelling. Oh well, here are this week's photos...with a few words! :)

Our family is really big on the dentist-we go every 6 months religiously. I love flossing and get a new toothbrush every few weeks which I'm aware is excessive. I wasn't always good about the in I don't think I went at all while at ASU. At all. I'll give you a moment to let that nastiness sink in. And I'm sorry :) Anyway, when your parents aren't pushing you to make the appointment and the other option is day drinking at the pool, guess which one I selected in college. Yes. So, I want to be sure Connor gets a good start with the teethies! His first appointment was in September of 2008 and he was about 16 months old. This past week we had his 3rd appointment and I was equally crazy with the camera this time around.
In his last two appointments, the dentist did Connor's exam while on my lap laying down. This didn't really allow for any picture taking so this time I made up for it. The dentist asked Connor if he wanted to sit by himself for his checkup and Connor not understanding at all said Yes! So, he got to have the exam in the actual dental chair. Here are some pics of us waiting for the dentist.
He did amazing, truly amazing. The hygenists were gathering to oooh and ahhhh at him because he did so well. I don't know...maybe they put this show on for all parents who look concerned that their child will spaz out at any moment. He laid there calmly the entire time and the dentist said he did better than most kids who are 3 or 4 who sit in that chair. He gave him a balloon (blown up dental glove reminiscent of a cow udder) and won him over for life. The dentist even let Connor hold his little spit sucker machine. It was so cute watching him decide when he had to use it. Hilarity.
The exam itself was positive too. Connor sat well enough during x-rays and even I hate that part. the pinching! He has all but 4 teeth-his very back molars which typically come in around age three. No cavities at this point, but we were told that his first molars have very, very deep crevaces so we need to pay extra, extra attention to them because it's going to be easy for food to get stuck there and missed by good brushing. He told us that it may be a good idea down the road to seal them just in case. I guess we'll consider it with the adult teeth and try to practice good brushing on these baby ones :)
(I took lots of pics this weekend, so I'll probably do another post tomorrow!)


Dary said...

Who's his dentist? I work for the dental Association so I might know him.

Katy said...

You should rename the posts to Connor Wednesdays