Thursday, October 1, 2009

Nearly Wordless...Thursday

Well, I took a lot of photos this weekend. since I posted lots yesterday already I decided to just post them today as well.

I love football. This is good because I married into a football-crazy family. We have a family fantasy football league that we all participate in--it gets pretty intense and competitive. I placed 2nd in 07 and last year I won. Yay me. Anyway, our entire family has been going to the Vine every Sunday for as long as I can remember-years. It's a very family-friendly place at 10am on a Sunday so the kids are all there too. Here are a few pics from this last weekend.

Connor and his look-alike cousin jacob

loves football

crazy jacob

kaden being sweet with connor while jacob crawls under the table.

now let's all get under the table. yes, please crawl on the filthy ground. super.

when the kids start to lose interest in the games that are on, we break out the dvd player

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