Wednesday, October 28, 2009

9 week update

Yesterday was my 9 week appointment with my OB. Nothing too exciting, but I was really thrilled that they didn’t decide to move my due date back. Last week at my ultrasound the baby was measuring a bit small so they said it was possible…so glad that wasn’t decided. I can’t really explain it but I feel like I would have lost a week somehow. This damn nausea/constant puking is really getting to me right now and I’m struggling with it—so if they’d moved the date back I think subconsciously I would have felt like that added another week of this crapiness to my life!

The appointment was pretty quick…after being kept waiting a half an hour in the waiting room-hate. After going over medical history for a while I met the doctor I was seeing that day. The practice I go to has 4 locations and each location has several providers so you never know who will be there when you deliver. I really don’t care who delivers, but I like to try and meet all the drs anyway. This guy was funny and pretty sarcastic which always wins cool points by me. We talked about whether I wanted to go the c-section route or not again this time. He asked if I wanted to try a VBAC (vag birth after cesarean) and I said, No Thanks. We discussed that we only wanted two children and then we got down to business. This damn morning/noon/night sickness. I threw up mid-appointment. He said that I should have a bagel before even getting out of bed in the morning and told me that it would “change my life”. Wrong. I tried it today. No luck. I threw up my bagel before even leaving the house. I’m just about consistently throwing up 6-7 times a day and I’m soooo over it. I’m desperately trying to focus on the amazing end result but am really starting to get down on how crummy I feel. I got another prescription but I’m just dreading filling it…I’ll try to not be too gross here so I’ll just say that it’s not an oral medication. There I said it. Gross. Sorry.

I asked about getting my H1N1 shot there and was told that the practice policy is to wait until mom is in her 2nd trimester since supply is so limited. He wants me to come back in three weeks to check on my nausea issues so I’ll be able to get it then. I feel like this pregnancy is going slower than it did with Connor. Who knows though!

I had a normal “lady exam” during the appointment, peed in a cup and had a bunch of blood drawn. There are a bunch of tests that you can have run on the baby during this stage of pregnancy. I think they call them screening tests-cystic fybrosis, down syndrome, and some other chromosomal abnormalities. We didn’t do the screening with Connor and we’re not doing it this time either. I’m not of advanced maternal age and neither of us have any contributing risk factors. Anyone reading this…did you do these screening panels? Why or why not?

Connor is being really sweet about the baby. He likes to say “my baby” and “goodnight baby”. He often forgets that he has to be a bit more careful with mommy right now though and will slam into me. We’re still working on that. In the meanwhile, we’re looking for toddler beds which annoys me. I want him to stay in his crib for as long as possible, but I really want to start transitioning him from crib to bed in January or so. I don’t want him feeling like the baby is stealing his bed, so I want him in and comfy long before BB2 arrives. Anyone have any pointers?? Help.

That’s really it for the updates right now. Please keep your fingers crossed that the puking stops and I can get into the fun part of pregnancy where I’m happy and enjoying myself. :)


Nancy said...

I think COnnor will be so excited about the new big boy bed that it won't matter that baby #2 is getting the crib. The big reason to do it before baby arrives though, is so you get past the getting out of bed stage that is bound to happen with Connor. Good luck! ;)

I'm so excited for you guys to have another kid!

Oh, and yes, we did all screening possible with both Jillian and Liv. I figured if we found a problem, it would give me as much time as possible to educate myself on what to expect. Just my take...

Hope you puke less today!

Katy said...

Fill the Rx. Go.... NOW! It was the only thing that worked for me when I was puking during my horrible sickness last year.