Friday, October 9, 2009

Here we go again!!

Well, we made it facebook official this morning, so I may as well blog about it, right? :)

Jeffrey and I found out yesterday that we are expecting our second baby!! Jeff is super thrilled, I'm sick again and still I couldn't be happier. Here's the quick story behind the news...

I've been feeling kinda crummy this week (hence the lack of blogging) and it got significantly worse yesterday morning. I got sick a couple of times and after being so incredibly ill with Connor, Jeffrey and I knew what it could mean. I stumbled into work and Jeffrey dropped off Connor at school. On his way to work, Jeff ran by the store, grabbed a box of pregnancy tests and dropped them by my office. I of course, drank a gallon of water and waited...and waited... When I took the test (in the glamorous bathroom here at my office) I was amazed, but not totally surprised at the same time. Here's a horrible cell phone shot :)

I decided that I wanted to tell Jeffrey the great news in person, and in a fun way, so I emailed him that the test was negative. Does that make me a horrible person? Possibly! I could tell he was bummed, so I felt pretty lousy...but I really wanted to be able to tell him in a fun, in-person way. I decided that it would be special to involve Connor and started my search for the perfect shirt for him to wear to announce the news. I found several great ones online but there is no way on earth that I'd be able to hold off telling Jeffrey until I received my order. I decided to have it made that day and tell Jeffrey the news that evening when he got home from work.

Connor and I picked up the shirt after work and it was so huge on him. I washed it really fast so that it would hopefully fit better--no such luck, but that's ok. He'll be able to wear it throughout my pregnancy probably!

Connor and I hung out at home waiting for Jeffrey, who unfortunately kept getting stuck at the office for one reason after another. Suddenly it was 7:30...Connor's bedtime and Jeff was still at work...with no idea when he'd be able to get out of there. I'm pissed at this point. I have this great surprise planned and all he has to do is show up!! :) I lay Connor down-in his shirt-and text Jeffrey that Connor is really upset that he's not there and that he needs to check in on him when he gets home to say goodnight. When Jeffrey arrived at 9ish we went into Connor's room and he's passed out completely-rolled into a little ball so that the shirt is completely hidden! typical! Jeff says Goodnight and gives him a kiss, then turning to leave. I said, wait look at him. I started trying to pull Connor's arm back so Jeff could see the shirt. Jeffrey looks at me like what the hell are you doing woman?!!? he's asleep lindsay!! I say, yes but I need to show you his new shirt. Jeff's eyes locked in on the shirt and he smiled huge. Then he looked up at me all crazy and said something about me lying earlier and we both cried a bit :) It was a great moment.

I wish it would have played out as planned so that I could get photos of his expression, but it was great the way it was. I think we'll do some family photos today with Connor in his shirt.

We figure that I'm about 6-7 weeks along so it's still pretty early. If that's correct, I'll be due at the end of May, early June. Since Jeffrey's 30th birthday is May 31st it may be fun to have a bday baby for him! I'm really looking forward to being able to schedule my delivery this time around rather than have to go through a full day of contractions!! Hooray for scheduled sections.

As for girl/boy...I can honestly say there is no preference. I wanted a girl when I was pregnant with Connor and now cannot imagine not having all boys. I think Connor would do great with a younger brother but he says he wants a sister...he also said he wants to name the baby Football. I can easily see us adding a girl to the mix just as easily as a second boy. We already have all the boy clothes we could need...but girl clothes are just so much more fun!

I've got my first prenatal appointment set up for the end of October, but there won't be too much exciting stuff going on at that time-just a confirmation pregnancy test, some blood work and other not-exciting stuff. I've got some prenatal vitamins at home that I'll start asap and try to be as healthy as possible!!

As for how I'm feeling it's oddly reminiscent of my pregnancy with Connor. I didn't want to tell my coworkers yet, but after two trips of running to the restroom to get sick I gave in! I've got some pretty angry heartburn and need to look into seeing what I can take for that. I'm pretty tired, but that's normal considering I spend hours a day chasing around a wild two year old!!

I promise to keep blogging during the pregnancy, so feel free to harass me if I don't! Please keep checking back to see what we're up to...and leave comments! They are so fun to look back on :)


Karen said...

So happy for you guys!!
Scheduled c-sections are SO the way to go. My second one was scheduled and she's a May baby too!

Katy said...

So thrilled for you!!!

witticism here said...


Tiffany said...

aah so awesome! you are guys are so lucky, and i'm so happy for your adorable family! we def need to chat. let's try to call each other after work sometime this week:)

Nancy said...

Congratulations! Hooray for you! Super News! Fantastic! Can't wait to hear more stories about the funny places you barf. ;)

Jo Blum said...

Lindsay, you are so incredibly creative - what a great way to tell Jeffrey.