Wednesday, November 4, 2009

Nearly Wordless Wednesday

This year we kinda blew it with the halloween costume. Last year was amazing, and we just couldn't top it so we let Connor pick. Shockingly, he wanted to be a baseball player. Fortunately, we had everything but pants so we were a go! I searched all over for itty bitty baseball pants-size 2t. no luck. we ended up just putting some black sweat pants on him and calling it good.

Friday at school they were having a party with snacks and stuff so we dressed him in his costume. Surprisingly, no one else in his class had their costume on, but maybe one kid. Who knows. That evening, his school, Kyrene de las Brisas had the pumpkin walk where all the kids displayed their pumpkins they'd carved earlier that week. I guess they gave the little kids shapes to place on their pumpkin and the teachers carved them where they landed. Here are some pics from school and the Pumpkin Walk.
connor's class at school

connor and aidan at the Pumpkin Walk

connor and dada checking out all the pumpkins

sitting by his pumpkin. his is on the left with the smooshed in face. Aidan's still has the shapes on it.
Every year on Halloween we go over to Steve and Jean's house. Steve & Jean are my BIL Ryan's parents. We're a big family so we all get toghether with the kids to trick or treat so they can all go with their cousins. It's a great time. They live in this amazing neighborhood where everyone actually knows each other. Shocking. The day or two before Halloween a flyer goes out to everyone who lives there with a code word...I guess there are issues of neighboring communities dropping their kids off in this area and hunting down "the good candy". Hilarity. So, the code word is used to get the really good stuff. Everyone else gets candy, but not the full size stuff I guess.
Jacob was Spiderman again this year. Here he's doing his best Spidey pose
Jacob, Isabelle, and Connor getting ready to Trick or Treat

My sister in law Megan, about 4 days past due. She had her baby girl yesterday btw.

This was Connor's third year trick or treating so he's an old pro by now. Zero patience though and he pushed to the front of the line each time. We'll need to work on his Trick or Treat etiquette before next year!

After every house he'd dig around in his bucket to see what he got

The Blum Family - Ryan, Jake and Megan...Kaden was with his dad this year

not the best family pic. i look largely preg and my kid is picking his nose or something. super.

After Trick or Treating, he dumped out all of his candy to see what he got

he got to pick one piece to have that night and so the blue tootsie pop won

Bella trying to make off with Connor's haul

and Connor subsequently freaking out

nom nom nom - candy

josh surprised the kids with his skelleton puppet that danced to Monster Mash. Hilarious. The kids were kinda freaked out at first, but then loved it and danced for a while.

Hope everyone had a great Halloween!

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Jo Blum said...

HAhaha! You truly summed up the night! Nice!