Tuesday, November 24, 2009

Week 13 Update

I love Tuesdays. Not really for it's placement in the Monday-Friday countdown, but more for the fact that it's the day my week turns in my pregnancy. As of today I'm 13 weeks along. This is my last week of the first trimester which is a real big landmark. After week 13 the liklihood of bad stuff happening is reduced significantly so that's obviously great news. By no means am I out of the woods, but it's a good thing. My next landmark week I want to get to is 18-20 which is where I'll be able to know the gender. Also, week 24 since then we'll be considered viable! Hooray for viability!

Back to my love of Tuesday...I get an email every Tuesday telling me what's going on with Baby Barnes 2 (BB2) and today I was creeped out by a couple things in the email. First, it said that if BB2 is a girl, she already has 2 million eggs. Kinda creepy right? Second, BB2 is the size of a jumbo shrimp. Hearing that news made me immediatly want to eat some shrimp which seems a bit canabalistic. Not great. The rest of the news in the email was good though...BB2 now has fingerprints which makes it seem pretty real. Also, he/she is about 3" long and about an ounce in weight.

Still feeling pretty lousy, but the rule of thumb is that once you reach that 13 week point, the morning sickness typically subsides. I'm really hoping that happens for me-none of my work pants fit anymore and I'm not talking about them being too tight. Too big pants makes me look kinda sloppy in addition to looking exhausted and maybe smelling like vommit. Ok, I don't really smell like vomit but I feel like I do.

Baby names...our girl name will always be Caitlin Grace and so it's the boy names we're struggling with again. Noah and Logan are the top contenders right now, with Grant and Garrett in the running as well. We'll see. We're not really in love with any of them right now so we're still working on it.

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