Wednesday, November 25, 2009

Happy Thanksgiving

Can't believe it's already almost thanksgiving...which means that it's almost Christmas which is just crazy. That also means that 2009 is almost over. My head is spinning.
Speaking of crazy, here are pics of Connor's two Thanksgivings so far. He's such a tiny little baby, I just can't believe it. I'll be sure to post some next week of our holiday this year. Still strange to think that next year, we'll have two kiddos at thanksgiving...I just can't wrap my head around that!
This year we're not getting all the families together which is kinda a bummer, but it may be nice to have a quieter turkey day. It's going to be Jeffrey, Connor and myself, plus my mom and dad. We'll have my dad's yummy bbq turkey and stuffing. I'm making a crock pot sweet potato casserole and some yummy creamed spinach. Jeff's favorite part of thanksgiving is the green bean casserole so he'll be making a couple of those--one with onions and one without. Mom's bringing a yummy relish plate, bread and mashed potatoes. Connor, as usual, is contributing nothing. This may be the year we teach him about pulling his own weight.
Happy Thanksgiving Everyone!


Karen said...

Happy Thanksgiving! I love the pics, Connor grew so much in just one year!

Katy said...

It's crazy how much connor changed from 2007 & 2008, but to me he still looks like his 2008 picture.

The Calabretti's said...

hope you had a great thanksgiving!