Tuesday, November 17, 2009

Excuses, excuses

Dear loyal readers (all 4 of you),

I have really blown it with blogging over the past couple of weeks. I'm really going to have to play the pregnancy card here. Not only am I exhausted (pity me) but I am still really sick (really, really pity me). Everything is going just fine, but I have such a lack of focus that I just couldn't psych myself up enough to get on here and do my thing!! I promise to be better--or to try to be better at the very least!

I do have a fun surprise coming up to thank anyone who has stuck it out though...details and more to follow in a few days!! Are you excited? Good!



Karen said...

I'm excited!

The Neerings Family said...

I'll be waiting! ;o) But that really does stink that you are so sick, it's already so exhausting being preggers AND having a toddler to run after!

Katy said...

What's your surprise? A new laptop for me? I'll take it!