Tuesday, November 16, 2010

5 months old

Noah turned 5 months old a couple weeks ago and while I remembered to take the picture, I spaced on actually posting it. I think it got jumbled around with Halloween and other going ons. Here are all the pics so far with his hootie hoot :)

It's been a busy time as usual and we've had some health issues to battle. Nothing big or concerning at all, just annoying stuff. Noah caught a stomach bug or something a couple weeks ago and was out of school for about a week. Really gross stuff.

In Very Exciting News...Noah has his first tooth coming in right now :) We spotted it on Sunday night - remember the date mom...11/14/2010 - Noah's first tooth! It's on the bottom, just to the right of middle. It's nice to see an actual tooth after months of drool and crankiness over teething. Connor got his first tooth the day he turned 6 months old so Noah beat that even! A bummer about teething is that it causes all sorts of odd side effects - in Noah's case this week it brought on a bit of a cold. He's got a cough and all kinds of snotty issues. Poor baby. Ugh, and I hate the bulb thing - it never works well enough to validate putting them through the torture. But, we do it anyway because it's the only thing we can do!

Noah is really trying to be mobile right now. He's making a bit of progress, but no crawling yet - which is just fine with me. He gets up on all fours and then moves around lots. He will also lay completely flat on his tummy and somehow scoot. No idea how this happens but it works for him. He's working hard at grabbing things and while he's still a bit (meaning very) spastic with his hands it cracks him up to hold on to things...so much that he tends to smack himself in the face which also cracks him up. Being a baby is great. Watching babies learn is also great.

He's eating great and I'm anxious to give him real food. He just loves that nasty rice cereal so much that I really want him to be able to have yummy fruits and veggies. His doctor recommends waiting until 6 months and we're nearly there so I'm sure we'll just do that. Plus...I haven't got around to making any fruits or veggies yet so there's that too. I'll get around to it in the next couple of weeks. Connor started with green beans and hated them - still does. I think I'll start Noah on avocado and go from there! He's still eating a ton - 5 bottles a day at 8oz each. Piggy, but a cute piggy :)

He's got this amazing smile that uses his entire face. He has lots of smiles actually - small, medium and huge. The huge is my favorite and it takes his whole face to make it happen. It scrunches up his face and I love it! He really, really loves everything Connor does and it just makes my heart melt watching them together. We discovered mid Connor's tantrum last week that when he does that tongue spitting thing that kids do (gross, i know) it cracks Noah up! We're working on teaching Connor how to do that without actually spraying spit all over Noah. Still working on it... It makes Noah laugh, like a huge belly laugh and it's amazing. He's got so much personality now and it's so fun to watch him develop into this little person. I love my Noah Bear :)

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