Wednesday, November 10, 2010

Nearly Wordless Wednesday

I haven't posted pics in a while except the family pics or halloween stuff so we've got quite a bit of randomness going on here.

We've been pretty busy over the last few weeks with weddings, family stuff, tball and a bit of traveling. Mix in Halloween and there have been lots of opportunities for pictures of the boys and going ons.

when bear gets fussy and i'm trying to get something done we tell Connor to go and dance or sing in front of him. Apparently, awkwardly patting him on the head works as well.

two funny thing in this picture...1. when we took connor to the dentist last week the dentist gave Noah a toothbrush too. He loves it and has been carrying it around and playing with it for days. 2. When Noah sleeps he sleeps on his tummy, propped up on his knees with his rear up in the air. For about an hour after he wakes up, he has these red circles on his knees and you can see them in this picture.

Noah was sick with a stomach flu or something a couple weeks ago. I was home with him one day. I brought a bunch of work home and this is what my "office" looked like for a while that day.

Grammy Barnes bought personalized pumpkins for all the grandkids. We took the boys to decorate their pumpkins and this was the end result. Connor painted his whole pumpkin dark green. We put his hand print on it but he choose light green for that part so it barely showed up against the dark green color. I painted Noah's and we stamped his feet on the sides.

pouting over something or other during his tball game
Connor and "Coach Jeff". Connor hears other players and parents refer to Jeffrey as Coach Jeff so he will ask "Are Coach Paul and Coach Jeff going to be there?"...I don't think he gets it. lol.
Connor and Aidan waiting their turn to bat

showing Noah his drawing

Connor told me that this was Santa and his sleigh with reindeer. What? You can't see it?
We surprised Connor with tickets to see Mickey's Magic Show a few weeks ago. It wasn't as great as Mickey on Ice but he had a good time. Clearly so did Noah by the look of this photo.

Whenever the Dbacks offer up suite tix to employees for something like this we jump at the much easier to let Noah roll around on the floor and let Connor run around with the other kids rather than confining us to seats. Having the restroom right there certainly helps too!

I'm not really sure what Connor was doing here during intermission, but he looks like a frog

We got Noah a bumbo a couple months ago and he seems to like it in small doses. After about 15 minutes if he's not being entertained he tries to escape which I find hilarious.

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