Monday, November 29, 2010

Gobble Gobble 2010

Thanksgiving is a great holiday, probably one of my favorites and right up there with Christmas. I love the family getting together, the food and all that goes with it. I love the crazy grocery store and love the thought of how crazy it must be for black Friday shopping. That one I love from afar.

We had a two part turkey celebration this year. For the first time in years we didn't host it which was lovely for many reasons. The four of us headed to Jeff's parents house on Thanksgiving and my mom met us there as well. Everyone included I think there were 17 of us. I think. Before the big meal, most of us met up at a park to play football. This was my idea because I'm a nerd and I love seeing people on TV playing football before Thanksgiving dinner. It wasn't nearly as cool as it is for my TV friends. There were 7 of us playing I think. One of those, Chuck...played college and pro football. Another one, my nephew Jalen is the only Freshman on the Mountain Pointe Varsity football team. Can I continue to brag for a minute? Yes? Thanks. Jalen is listed as one of nine freshman in the country on the watch list for National Freshman Football Player of the Year! THE NATION!! One day I'll watch tv and say "I changed that famous guy's diapers when he was a kid"...but that would be a lie because I met him when he was 4 and there were no diapers at that point. Anyway, the point of that was that I stuck it out for about 7 plays before wandering away from the game and taking a few photos. I was not missed. I wore wedges so maybe they missed mocking my shoe choice that day.

Auntie Sarah and Noah Bear - I love this picture. My sister hates having her picture taken but this is so sweet that it makes me melt :)

Noah watching the game

Uncle Chuck and Connor

After our big "game" we headed in where it wasn't freezing cold (60 degrees) and got started on gorging ourselves with goodness. I saw in my MIL's pantry that she had a bunch of baby foods in turkey day themes like sweet potatoes, green beans, peas and such and Jeffrey and I decided that today would be Noah Bear's first day of real food. I planned on making all of his food like I did for Connor but this was there and now I'm over it. Over it.

Grammy Barnes feeding Noah his first few bites of real food. He chowed through an entire large size of sweet potatoes. That's a lot for those without baby food history

He kinda liked it :)

On Sunday, we had Thanksgiving part two with my dad and Corliss. It was great having two thanksgivings - now I know what all other kids of divorce feel like. Jealous. Totally kidding, stop it. It was nice and relaxed. I love the big family holidays we get with the Barnes family, but also really enjoy the smaller things with my family - the ones where you don't have to scream to get the salt passed. Unless you feel like it which is fine with us.
Connor hates green beans - hates them. It was the first food we ever gave him as a baby and he was completely inconsolable after. Just spit out nothing for twenty minutes after it was all out of his mouth. I've tried it several times over the last few years and each time he's just sick with it. This year we tried forcefeeding it. You can't see it, but during the pic above we were all eating pumpkin pie and I finally negotiated down to the single green bean on his fork was all he needed to eat to get a piece of pie too. He finally gave in and took a little bite. Then he honestly gagged and spit vommited all over his plate. So nasty. YOU WIN CONNOR.

Noah on the other hand scarfed an entire thing of green beans...and another of sweet potatoes!

Sadly, this is the only picture of the boys that I got. Oh well, there's always Christmas. I do love that we managed to dig out Connor's "1st Thanksgiving" bib so that Noah would be able to wear the same one.

That bib worked its pants off

and bear was still hungry after

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