Friday, November 5, 2010

Halloween 2010

This was not a year for great Halloween pictures. Not a bit. My camera is great for a point and shoot but really not stellar for totally dark nights so there were a lot of crap pictures to sort through but that’s ok. :)

Connor was a super cute Handy Manny. I made his dbacks hat into a handy manny hat which makes me domestic I think. He loved his costume. Check the comparison :)

(hint...connor is on the left)

Noah was an adorable Tigger. This was Connor’s Halloween costume for his first Halloween too so we wanted Noah to wear it this year. It was too short in the legs but that’s ok. Check the brother Comparrison. Wish I got one with Noah Bear smiling but he still wasn't feeling 100%.

Tigger's (Noah) tail placement is funny to me. Yes, I'm very immature

Noah, Connor and Jacob

The kids were all running around this chair and then Connor immediately stopped when he saw baseball on tv

Bella and Katie
We trick or treat with my bro in law's family so that the kids can all be together. This was our 4th year doing it I guess and it's always the perfect way to spend Halloween. This year, the Blum family made a trick or treat train for the kids to ride around in. It was awesome. They hooked it up to a riding mower and pulled the kids around. It took way longer since we were getting them in and out all night but it was easily Connor's favorite part of the whole holiday. Next year, they are planning on lighting it up and adding more train cars. Awesome idea, right?
Our only niece Maddie was asleep the entire time...

...and Noah chewed on his seat belt all night
Jacob was some character from some show or something that I know nothing about. I do know that they've been growing his hair out for a while for the purpose of this costume. You can't really see it but it's sticking up all over the place and stayed just like that all evening!

this idiot scared the pee out of me. twice.
all night I tried to get a pic of Bella. This was the best of all of them. The prettiest Snow White ever :)
It was strange having Halloween on a Sunday but we had a great time. I had a flight to be on super early on Monday morning so we had to rush home and deal with packing and getting Jeff and the boys ready for the upcoming school days. It just doesn't seem like Halloween when it's near 90 degrees. Stupid Arizona.


Karen said...

This whole post makes me so happy! You did an awesome job with their costumes! I honestly thought that the Connor/Noah comparison was just two pics of Noah! Love, love, love it!

Krista said...

Good job on the Handy Manny costume! Connor looks awesome! Love the train too. Some people are much more creative than me. :)

Krista said...

p.s. Nate just walked over and saw Connor's pic, got really excited and shouted, "HANDY MANNY, LOOK MAMA, IT'S HANDY MANNY!" So, good work!