Friday, December 10, 2010

6 months old

Are you kidding me with this?!? I refuse to believe that my Noah Bear is already half a year old. Ok, refuse may be too strong of a word, but my goodness.
Noah turned six months old on November 28th and we had his 6 month checkup this past week. It's been a tough past few weeks with some illnesses, but luckily we seem to have finally turned the corner. Nothing really dangerous but his cold turned into a respiratory virus that stuck around for a couple weeks so that's a big deal when you're this tiny! Speaking of tiny...he's not! At his appointment he measured 27" tall and about 18 1/2 lbs. He loves food, totally loves it. He attacks the spoon and if you're dumb enough to leave the food container within his reach, he'll grab it and thrash it around trying to get more food. I've only done that once! He got his little chompers early like Connor - even earlier than Connor actually! He had two teeth before he turned 6 months old.
He's really, really trying to crawl. You can see in the pics that he just gets up on his feet like he's getting his yoga in for the day or something. You can see him getting frustrated about it, but he manages to be mobile anyway. He scoots around pretty fast and we can't just sit him down and expect that he'll stay put anymore! He can roll around and around and has perfected sitting. It's funny that babies hate being on their backs. For a few months, we'd put him on his back and he'd roll to his tummy but that was really his only trick. Now, if we put him on his back he'll immediately roll to his belly and then get into a seated position. Hilarious though...if he reaches/leans too far forward to grab something when he's sitting he gets stuck and just hollers until we move him - like a turtle stuck on its back. cruel maybe, but very funny.
As for his overall demeanor, he's still primarily happy and smiley - except when he's not :) The teacher in his class tell us that he's perfectly happy just playing by himself but if another baby starts playing with something he's playing with it's Game Over. They say he screams until someone literally removes that other baby. While I find it kinda funny, hopefully he'll get over that soon.
Noah is in looooove with Connor - I wouldn't be surprised if Connor was his first word. He loves watching him and Connor loves performing for Noah. Connor hasn't quite wrapped his head around the fact that Noah can't catch the ball yet so we're working on that.


downward bear

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Jill said...

I bet Connor might just be Noah's first word. Josh was so in love with Emma too and first word was Emma. It didn't sound like it but after a few days of him repeating the word over and over we realized he was calling to her in the mornings once he woke up. Don't you just love the sibling bond?