Friday, December 10, 2010

Photo Catch up

My photo catching up will be done in several installments...until I'm caught up. I'm being realistic and hoping that I'll be caught up by Christmas. Kinda realistic :)

We've been super busy over the last couple of months and I'm not making time to blog which annoys me. While I totally understand we have so much going on that blogging doesn't necessarily count in my top priorities, I use this thing as a baby book/scrapbook/time capsule/venting vessel and everything else so I really NEED to blog! dad just sent out his Christmas letters and put my blog in the letter so I'm sure I can expect tens of people to start visiting on at least a monthly basis.

Connor's Tball season just ended this past week and soccer will be starting in a couple weeks. In true Barnes family fashion, we had his last tball game at 8am on Saturday and then ran to his soccer meeting at 10am. Not so sure about this new soccer team, but I will wait to see I suppose. Maybe.

I've been super busy with Chi Omega stuff. Our alumnae chapter delivered study buddy treats to the ASU chapter the day before their finals. There were cookies, candy, cakes, cases of water, popcorn balls and a ton more o-so-healthy items. They were thrilled obviously. This is soemthing that we do every year and I thing both the collegiates and alums love it. As an alum, I know it's great to meet the Sisters who are carrying on the Chi O legacy and it's great to go back to ASU and reminisce like an 80 year old woman...those crazy girls :) Here's a pic of some of us at the chapter house.

Angela pushing our child labor (Connor) around - BTW he looooves visiting the chapter house.

Kelly, Anglea, Kathy, Karen, Alisa, Alona, Jeri, Lindsay

The weather has been absolutely gorgeous. This is my kid at the end of November - in shorts and a tee shirt. Gotta love AZ. We have been trying to take advantage of it and going outside to play - we know that in just a few short months we'll be sweating and sticky from a walk to the mailbox!

Every year we go to the Fountain Hills art fair. Most of the stuff sold isn't really our style, though the salsa we love is sold there and sometimes we'll buy a couple items for gifts. Oh, and we got this adorable frame for Connor three years ago so we made sure to get one for Noah too. Anyway, we really love just walking around for a few hours and looking at all the kitchy stuff is fun too. Carly and Bobby joined us this year and it was a great time. Plus, they have turkey legs and you may know how we feel about turkey legs...we love them. So does Carly...see below.

Hilarious - Can you see Bear reaching for the turkey leg? This was a week or so before we gave him real food...clearly he was ready and interested. :)

The mighty pregosaurus. Rawrrrr!
Connor's school hosted a thanksgiving lunch for the families and since I'm right next door it was super easy to wander over and join them. Jeffrey surprised us and made it too so it was a nice break in the day. After eating with Connor I grabbed Noah and brought him over to Connor's class so we could all hang out for a bit before Jeff and I had to get back to work.

cute centerpieces. After Tgiving, the teachers picked five kids who were really good that week and they got to take them home. Yeah, Connor got one. Score.

Connor and his sparkley pilgrim hat...what, pilgrims didn't use glitter? oh.

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Carly said...

OMG...the school picture at Thanksgiving is hilarious! In the ghetto.....