Thursday, December 23, 2010

Letters from Santa

The boys letters from Santa arrived last week and it was quite the event. Thanks to Tashi, Santa always knows exactly where to send our letters :)

I don't know if Connor remembers getting a letter from Santa over the past few years but he is totally into Santa this year so it was kinda a big deal. By kinda I mean seriously a huge deal!!

The letters arrived in these super cute envelopes - postmarked from Alaska (?) and I was impressed with how pretty Santa's return address labels were - props to you St. Nick.

Aw, this was amazing. This night was the first instance of big bro being annoyed by little bros shenanigans. We've decided that Noah's favorite toy is whatever Connor is currently holding. Noah just did not want to leave Connor alone while Connor was so absorbed with his Santa letter. OMG. hilarious.

BOTH faces in this one just kill me. hahahaha. Connor was DONE.

The letters came with a certificate for being on the Nice List, a personalized letter from Santa himself and a cute photo of Santa that said Mrs. Claus took it of him in his workshop. Really cute stuff. Since our house doesn't have a fireplace, there was a little key in Connor's letter with instructions to leave it at the front door so that Santa could come in to deliver gifts.
Noah did this while Connor was in his Santa trance

more of this...

Noah checking out his Nice List certificate

super excited about something


Jill Carilli said...

We did something similar this year too. Where did you get yours from?

Lindsay said...

um...Santa!! :) Not sure where she ordered them...will find out and let you know.

Krista said...

This is really cool! Santa sent a letter to our house, too, but it wasn't quite as awesome.

Katy said...

what a great idea.