Friday, December 10, 2010

St. Nicks 2010

I've blogged before about celebrating St. Nick's with our family, here and here and here. We don't really do much with our extended family for the holiday anymore - we're all cutting costs so much that it helps. We do however still celebrate in our household.
The tradition with our family it to get the kids a small gift in their stocking that they are supposed to open the morning of December 6th after St. Nick delivers it on the 5th. I thought it would be a fun tradition to give them their special ornament that day so that it can hang on the tree until Christmas - just doesn't make sense to get an ornament on Christmas when the tree is coming down soon. I also wanted to start the tradition of getting the boys new Christmas pajamas every year so that was added to the St. Nick festivities. We really blew it this year with all the "additional traditions"...instead of one small gift, each of the boys got a gift, an ornament and pjs. but that's ok, it's Christmas :)
We bought this cute sleigh several years ago and use it for Santa's gifts when he brings them. Of course this year I decided to be a crazy photo mom and stick my children in it in hopes of a cute photo. done and done. I FRICKEN LOVE THIS PICTURE!
bear helping me with the wrapping

Connor hanging up his special St. Nick's ornament - we got him a baseball ornament with a pic of him playing tball in it. love.

obsessed with Toy Story 3 - usually the St Nick gift is supposed to be something small, but we just couldn't resist getting him this...and couldn't wait for Christmas

Connor got green Santa pjs and Noah got blue pjs with monkeys and candy canes

Connor was trying to get Noah to care about his Babies 1st Christmas ornament

Noah was way more interested in the mat he was sitting on

Noah got his own set of 3 glow in the dark balls - a basketball, football and soccer ball


Krista said...

LOVE the sleigh! I'm currently trying to think of where I can pick one up. :)

Karen said...

Too much cuteness in these pictures! I had never heard of celebrating St. Nick before I read your blog...weird. Looks fun though! :)