Wednesday, September 12, 2012

(Nearly) Wordless Wednesday

got hatch chiles in our bountiful basket last week. roasted them for the first time
and they will be in our chili tonight. can't wait. also, i feel like a chef. no joke. i'm not.
one of bear's teachers brushed his hair. looks ridic and cute at the same time
full disclosure: we rarely brush their hair. one of the perks of boys.
was on campus for a XO meeting today and walked by PV Main. I lived in that top, right room.
this is where the sororities lived for years until 2001
bears play ball

Phillip's 40th birthday party this weekend. i think i drank half of that cauldron.
shelley drank the other half
i asked connor if he knew what this meant. first guess? ASU. second guess? spiderman.
of course i got to draw an owl on drawsomething. killed it.
bear ends up like this every single time he wears flip flops. it makes my stomach queasy.
love letter from one of my collegians during recruitment. i love them.
connor reading to bear
reading his library book

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