Thursday, September 13, 2012

Take your parents to lunch day

So many parents volunteer in Connor's classroom during the day and we can't really do that too often.  Now, Jeff and I both have flexible roles where we can do it occasionally...but, we also both have very busy roles so that it's tough to get away.  Ditching work for an hour to have lunch is totally do-able though.

Today we went to Brisas to have lunch with Connor. He was so, so excited. He told his teacher all morning that we were coming and was thrilled when he saw us. I know that in a few years, he'll want us dropping him off down the street from school so we're going to enjoy the excitement for now.

Ok, so lunch is only 20 minutes long. That totally BLEW my mind. Connor is a slow eater and managed to get through half of a turkey/cheese sandwich and most of his applesauce. I don't know if he was just distracted with us being there but my goodness. I wrapped up the other half and he'll be seeing that for dinner tonight. Jeff had chicken nuggets and spinach and I had the turkey/cheese sandwich with Connor.

oh, you fancy huh?
Oh, also we were asked to sit at the allergy table. Yes. There are so many kids eating lunch that there's no additional room for parents so we sat at a distanced table reserved for kids with allergies so that 'mainstream eaters' didn't have to limit their foods. I'd just like to say now that I like PB. I felt like I had to say that because I sat at the sad table. His friend Kaci was excited we were there and decided to sit with us.

we love kaci
I think I'm going to try and stop in for lunch once a month if I can, maybe more. As mentioned, soon enough he'll hate us so we may as well squeeze in all the love now while we can. 

it was brown day at school and this was his only brown shirt
i'll likely photoshop out the graphic before this goes in the photobook

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