Friday, March 27, 2009

Friday's Dose of Brilliance

Today’s site was inspired by an amazing gift we got from Corliss for Christmas. This company Indigo Night creates amazing personalized night sky prints. You specify the date you want, the location and they create a beautiful photo for you, based on the location of the stars, moon, planets on that night in that exact location. Plus, depending on the location you choose you can see the skyline, mountains, trees, lakes, or whatever. Corliss got us one from the night Connor was born (4.18.07) and chose Chandler, AZ since well, since that’s where he was born. I love ours and it’s pretty amazing-we found out that there was actually a comet passing over Chandler the night he was born so that’s in the image as well. Each print is truly one of a kind and they make great birthday gifts, anniversary gifts (showing the sky the night you were married-ahhhh), new baby gifts, and more. You even add your own message to the print so I think this just makes an amazing gift.


Lori said...

Ohmigah, I love this! This could be a nice thing to put in our bedroom or over the fireplace - oh the decorating possibilities!

Katy said...

I just ordered one for our anniversary. Hopefully it arrives before Friday :) This is so cool!