Wednesday, March 18, 2009

Nearly Wordless Wednesday

Connor was on spring break last week. spring break-woohoo. So instead of sending him to "camp" and paying extra the fam took turns staying home with him. Since my dad is retired, he got to hang out with connor for two days. Wednesday, he and Corliss watched Connor and as always ran him all day long. :) They go for walks, go to the park and all three of them love it. Here are a few pics of their day together.

connor and grandpa...strangely connor had this same shirt on last time he went to grandpas for the day so all of our photos look similar...

blowing dandelions together...i was told that after this photo connor brought the dandelion too close and ended up spitting out petals for quite some time.
we call this his chucky face. it's creepy & cute at the same time.

Connor and Corliss on the slide

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