Thursday, May 28, 2009

cell phone woes

so last year i did this and today i just pulled my cell phone out of our dryer...after a full wash load of course. i'm seriously sick to my stomach. photos--gone. videos--gone. i'm ignoring what the verizon tech just told me when he assured me over and over again that the phone will not be coming back to life. we'll see buddy. he's probably right.

so i've activated jeffrey's old phone so i'm up and running but the last time i did a backup of my contacts was August of last year. blows. i know friends and family have changed numbers since then and i'm positive i've added new contacts. there were like 200 something numbers and now i have 157. so, here's my your numbers to me...on the side of my blog is my profile. there is a link in there to email me. just over there...see it? it says "email me". even if you think i already have it for sure. i'm panicked just thinking about loss of numbers. Thank you, Thank you.

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Karen said...

OMG did you cry? I would have bawled!