Tuesday, May 5, 2009

Crockpot Tuesday

So the salsa chicken I made a couple months ago is easily one of my favorite recipes I’ve done during this whole crockpot adventure. Last night we made it again, but this time I added an extra can of beans (kidney this time) and about ½ a packet of taco seasoning. I didn’t check the original posting before I did it though and it was too soupy. I forgot to cut the liquid ingredients in half so I would do that next time. Oh, and I ended up dumping a box of chicken rice a roni in during the last 90 minutes of the cooking to bulk up the recipe. It was yummy and I would def recommend that. I didn’t use the spice packet that comes along and thought that with all the other seasonings going on that may be a bit much. That just means that I have the little seasoning packet for another recipe. Win-win.

The flavor was just as good, but had a bit more spice to it which I like. we shredded up the chicken and had tacos again. yum.

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