Wednesday, May 20, 2009

Nearly Wordless Wednesday

we had to have zoey shaved this past week. she was really matted-because she's too fat to clean herself-so we opted to shave her. it's not nearly as funny as i thought it would be and the pictures don't really do the "look" justice. It's still pretty funny. They left her legs, head and tip of her tail fluffy and shaved the rest down.
Miss Mira...our other kitty. the kitties get no face time on the blog
NOTICE: no shaved kitty cats were harmed in the taking of these photographs.

one of connor's new favorite things to say is "out please..." Alas, it's just too damn hot outside

so we typically play inside the house...just can't say no to this face.

Connor loves his Elmo. Sadly, his favorite thing is to knock him over so that Elmo squirms around saying something semi-creepy like "Elmo fell over, can you help Elmo up?". Connor just laughs maniacally and eventually helps him up.

clearly breakdancing

we framed lots of the xmas card pics we got this year on our fridge. this is his favorite. we had to put it lower on the fridge so he could get at it whenever he wanted to. It's a gorge pic Katy took of their street in Denver they lived on at the time

connor "organizing" the pantry

such a cheeseball...a filthy ravioli stained cheeseball


witticism here said...

That's Katy's Christmas card!!

Katy said...

There are so many good things about this post

1) shaved kitty and Connor sitting on kitty
2)Connor putting the chair under Elmo!
3)Breakdancing C
4)My Christmas card