Thursday, May 7, 2009

End of the Road...

So I’ve kind of been avoiding posting anything regarding this on my blog, facebook, etc. just because it’s scary to put some stuff out there online when anyone can read it. So I’ll limit what I write just to be safe. It’s kinda a long post though so there’s the warning!

Last week was a really rough week at the office. I have extreme, ongoing issues with my boss and they have snowballed out of control. Everyone in my office has issues with her, but that’s way, way too long of a story to even try to talk about. Anyway, I’ve sucked it up for nearly two years working with this horrible, negative, miserable person. I reached a point where it was making me physically ill and I started to have crazy daydreams about the ways I’d quit in a huge, grand gesture. No bueno.

One of my bffs, Patricia left this quote on my desk that is an absolute perfect representation of my current situation with my boss:
“Keep away from people who try to belittle your ambitions. Small prople always do that, but the really great make you feel that you, too, can become great!” –Mark Twain

I love her and she really nailed it with the quote. It’s so nice having someone to talk to, cry to, etc. who knows the entire story. Sometimes it’s tough to tell a long story to someone who doesn’t know all the key players and it’s almost just too much effort to have to retell the story and get all the deets right.

After one large blowout I happened to receive a couple of out of the blue opportunities over the next two days. One was a job for much more money, much closer to home (2 miles!) and much more opportunity for advancement. The other was a referral from a close friend who is leaving her job when her daughter arrives. It’s not more money but it is still closer to home being only about 7 miles from home. There is some room for growth, but there is no retirement plan. That part is a big deal to me…I’ve been contributing to my 401k for nearly 8 years. Roth here I come I guess. Anyway, very long story short the first job didn’t happen which was heartbreaking. I received some crummy advice from the recruiter/headhunter that really screwed me in the interview process. Still pretty pissed about it so I’ll leave it at that rather than get all nasty.

So, I ended up taking the job that made a bit less money and had no retirement plan. To be honest, it took me a couple days to be excited about the offer-but only because I feel like I was screwed out of the other position. I spent a couple days feeling like a whiny brat. How dare I be upset over this offer when there are others out there who have been seriously job hunting for months to no avail. I am still looking forward to it, but mostly because it gets me out of my current situation. and I need out-fast! My last day was originally May 15th but my boss asked me yesterday if I’d be interested in only working this week (but still getting my 2 weeks of pay). I said of course and now I’m realizing it was probably the single nicest thing she’s done for me thus far-what a miserable beast. Now I can spend a week at home with connor before starting the new gig! I’m thinking we’ll do the zoo, the park and all kinds of other stuff while I’m home. If anyone is going to be around next week let me know and we’ll schedule something.

Now, about the actual job. My position is the Resale/Disclosure Manager. I'm responsible for quite a few things, but mostly handling the Resale requests from the title companies. When a house goes into escrow, the title company will request the buyer's info. I provide them with any outstanding fees due, order a lien release if necessary, let them know the transfer and disclosure fees, if there are any outstanding violations, etc. I also send the new buyer all of the community documents. The company oversees many different Homeowner’s Associations in the valley…one of them being mine. Because of this, I had to step down as Pres yesterday. Luckily, I’m ok to be on the board…just not as President so I’m VP now. I’m a nerd. Anyway, the company is at Rural and Guadalupe so it’s about a third of the drive that I’m making now which is amazing. I’ll be able to work 7-4 which is important to me. Since I currently work 6:30-3:30 I’ll be getting to Connor at the same time and getting to wake up at least 30 minutes later in the morning which sounds like a dream to me! Oh, and I’ve always wanted to squeeze in a workout at lunch. Well, the closest Pure Fitness to my current office is 10 miles away so that would never work. My new job…there is a gym just a mile away so I hope to do that 2-3 times/week. Does anyone do this with the lunchtime workouts? Do you change at the office or the gym? And how’s the shower situation work out for you? Anyway, I digress…everyone I’ve met at the company is very friendly and it seems to be a very busy, yet casual and relaxed environment. Now that I’m writing this all out I’m feeling good about it, so thanks for that.

Well, that’s my current situation in a nutshell-a lengthy, very wordy nutshell full of unnecessary punctuation.


Katy said...

To put it lightly, I'm very happy for you. You're making a good move for your "work/life balance" ha ha. Damn that saying

Lo Farley said...

I'm happy that you are able to get out of that previous situation, no one should be unhappy especially you who gives so much of your heart in every way. It sounds like this new job will bring a lot of good changes in your life; the shorter drive, more time with Connor, more sleep, excercise, etc. Sometimes less money is not such a bad sacrifice for other things you want more. I've done the workout\shower thing during lunch break and luckily for us we have hair that can be scrunched, do that and you'll be fine. I really hope this all works out for you. Love you. xoxo

Paul, Lisa and Audrey said...

I'm glad things are working out, it sounds like you really needed to be in a better place! You'll be working close to me...the preschool is on Rural b/w Baseline & Guadalupe, but I guess you'll start right when the school year ends.

Carly said...

Thank God. Seriously, when you told me all that stuff, I never wanted to punch someone in the face so bad before. It honestly was one of the first times I've gotten REALLY defensive of my friends. I'm glad she wasn't there...I probably wouldn't have been able to avoid giving her the stink eye. And then getting into a horrible cat fight. I don't know her, but I really think she is the devil. We should pray for her...nahh.

Kelsey said...

I'm so glad you put this out there - because it wasn't mean or nasty in any way about the person you were having to deal with, and mostly just talks about how the situation makes you feel, and there's only good things to come of that. More importantly, I'm glad you found something that works...blessings come in unexpected ways all the time.