Tuesday, June 16, 2009

Crockpot Tuesday

we've had a frozen package of those lil' smokies in our freezer forever so we pulled them out today for dinner. Since cocktail wieners (both funny words-two points) aren't really enough for an entire meal we added some baked beans to the crock and some cole slaw and fries on the side.

1 lb lil' smokies
1/2 c brown sugar
1 c catsup
1 c bbq sauce
1 can baked beans

Mix brown sugar, catsup and bbq sauce together well and pour into sprayed crock pot. Pour lil smokies in and mix around. Cook for 2 hours. I added the baked beans about halfway through cooking. The brown sugar/catsup/bbq mixture had great flavor and so did the sauce from the beans. We'll certainly do this again this summer, since this felt like a real summer-like meal.

These were really yummy. Most recipes I find for meatballs, cocktail wieners, etc include grape jelly. This sounds great and I'm sure I'll try it but we didn't have any jelly - grape or otherwise - and I wasn't going to go out to the store just for jelly!!


Katy said...

I've never seen any recipes including cocktail wieners, let alone ones that call for grape jelly.I thought you just eat them plain. Seriously, who serves weiners at a cocktail party anymore? I think I'm going to host a cocktial party just so I can buy wieners. Would you like a wiener ma'am? ohh oh, don't forget to dip it in the purple jelly, lol. This is a total summer meal though. I bet it was good.

Paul, Lisa and Audrey said...

Yum! I also like to make a sauce for the lil smokies that has grape jelly & chile sauce. tasty!