Thursday, June 4, 2009

Friday's Dose of Brilliance

Lisa & Weston - Lisa, one of my sorority sisters from ASU and her husband started this blog earlier this year. After trying to have a child for several years and 5 lost pregnancies, they decided that they were meant to adopt. They did their research and found a company they trust to aide them in bringing home their child. The site is their way to try and get the word out about their desire to adopt. Their story is amazing, inspirational, heartbreaking and completely positive all at the same time. If you know anyone considering adoption please pass the info along...or better yet just pass it along to anyone-you never know :)

Their Blog - start at the beginning here

ok, i've spent the last 45 minutes reading and crying so i'm going to wrap this up now. Please visit their sites and please spread their word.

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