Wednesday, June 3, 2009

Nearly Wordless Wednesday

playing around with his dbacks hat
note connor's 1st pair of Chuck T's. I heart them.

this cheesy pic is here simply to show off all his little chompers...he has all of them but the molars:)

he took this pic himself...myspace here i come.

connor and daddy playing legos

enjoying some cake/staining his shirt at Tyler's 2rd bday party

we went swimming at my SIL's house Sunday to celebrate late mothers day/jeffrey's bday/stephanie's bday/my MIL's bday

happy jacob. he doesn't swim yet so he was content on his swim chair. we did convince him to jump in the pool twice though so that's great.

connor swimming to daddy

my SIL megan and Jacob


Katy said...

I swear, everytime I see pictures he looks so much older. Love the c-taylors. so adorable!

Karen said...

Connor is so cute! And Jacob totally looks like a Blum!

JILLC said...

He is getting so handsome! My goodness. I love the myspace here he comes comment! LOL

Lindsay said...

thanks, thanks. yeah he does look so much older now. he's like a little man now...not just a boy :)

karen-think so? i really can't tell who kids look like.

Anonymous said...

Connor is a doubt about it. It was really fun to spend time with you and your family last Sunday.

Tammy Smith said...

Wow he is so Big Great job on he blog but really I am not surprised at all. Everything you do you do to perfection. Dang I get tired just reading what you do LOL

CourtneyZ said...

Hes supper cute, he looks sooo much like you!! I did a dinner on blog too, thanks for that one. :)