Wednesday, January 20, 2010

Nearly Wordless Wednesday

As usual, we've been pretty busy over the last couple of weeks. We've really tried (and somewhat succeeded) at limiting the activities we're involved in on weeknights and weekends. My friends rightfully give me a really hard time about how busy our family is and I know it's a bit intense. It's tough when you live in a place where you grew up and so there are always events, activities, birthday parties, showers, etc. with family and friends to attend. I love being busy and going from event to event...Jeffrey, not so much. :) Anyway, we really have slowed a bit over the last few weekends and have been spending more time at home. Here are a few random pics from over the last few weeks. Connor helped us make chili one evening. Unfortunately, he dumped way too many chilis in the pot so he didn't get to eat the chili. We did though, and it was so yummy.

at Grammy and Papa Barnes house. He got a Build a Bear gc for Christmas and shockingly chose to make a baseball bear. The bears name? Bear.

We have been enjoying the gorgeous weather and spending some time outside playing baseball, soccer and whatever else we happen to have in the car. You have to really take advantage of the nice weather since we're mostly trapped indoors from March-September.

i love this classic toddler boy pic

Connor (and Jeffrey) got a wii for Christmas from my mom and we all love bowling. Unfortunately, Connor can't really master the 'hold down the B trigger until you are ready to release the ball' part of bowling so both he and Jeffrey get super frusterated at his efforts. We decided to take an afternoon and go do some actual bowling. Jeffrey drove me crazy looking for a ball that was small enough for me to bowl with, given my doctor enforced limitations. I found a six pounder and told him to back off. If I'm being perfectly honest though, there were a couple times when something in my side pinched so I let Connor have a few extra turns. :) It was a fun day and something we are going to try and do more often. There were some hilarious moments when we let Connor roll the ball himself and the attendant guy had to come and save his ball that stalled about 1/4 of the way down...i'm sure he loved us. Eventually, we started trying to hit his stalled balls with other balls...not sure which is better as far as the staff here are concerned though.

this is Connor's new smile. it creeps me out so badly but occasionally i'm able to get a normal, non-psycho child smile so I will deal with it.

Connor has fallen in love/lust with racecars over the past couple months, so he saw this game and had to play it. His car tends to stick to the wall mostly, but he loves it.

I'm sure Jeffrey would love this shot, but it's too cute to not post. They wear these flippin jerseys every time the Eagles play. Unfortunately, we run errands on Sundays a lot

patiently waiting his turn to bowl

Really tough to see, but if you look really close you can see Connor's green ball about halfway down in the gutter. That's where it stayed for several minutes until Jeff knocked it down the lane with another ball. We decided that next time we'll get that rack for kids that you roll the ball down so that it's more productive.

Here's his good smile :)

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