Wednesday, January 20, 2010

Poop and Pee - you've been warned

Connor has been potty training for a bit now--some parts of this post may be a bit graphic and heavy on the poop/pee stories so consider yourself warned. At school, they take them several times a day as a group to the bathroom, plus whenever the kids tell them that they have to go. They've been doing that for months, but Connor seems to be a 'social potty user' and enjoys the fun of going to the bathroom with his friends. is that weird? We haven't really pushed him much at home until this past week. He just didn't show a ton of interest until recently so we've started formally potty training him. It's going very well and he doesn't seem to have any of the fears or issues that I have heard about. I've had friends whose kids hate the sound of the flush. Connor finds it hilarious. I just have to get him to close the lid before he does it for gross sanitary reasons. I've had friends tell me that their kids don't like to poop in the potty. Connor loves it and everytime one falls, he hops off his potty and looks lovingly upon his masterpiece. Then he counts the poops when he's done. The kid cracks me up. We've split up the potty time between asking him pretty regularly if he needs to potty and him just telling us that he needs to go.

We ran lots of errands on the holiday this Monday and he had zero accidents in his diaper for about 10 hours straight, which is pretty long considering we're just getting started. He went to the bathroom about 6 times during that window and each time his diaper was clean and dry. On one stop at Target, Connor loudly announced that he had to poopoo and Jeffrey took him to the bathroom. When they emerged Jeff said that he had infact pooped and then Connor got a look on his face like he needed to get back in the bathroom. He quickly recovered and screamed, literally screamed, I TOOTED. amazing. Often, people who don't talk to toddlers all day can't tell what they are saying but fortunately for all the Target goers that day, this came out loud and clear. I'm not easily embarrassed and actually found this to be hilarious. It really is a proud moment when your little baby hits these milestones. Don't get me wrong, we still have a looooong way to go in this arena. He doesn't like to let us know that he needs to go potty if he's doing something that he doesn't want to walk away from--snacking, watching mickey, playing baseball, etc. We've got a sticker chart that we're starting this weekend so hopefully that will help. He oddly seems to do best when we're out running around, but that means gross public bathrooms where he insists on touching everything.

I think that my ultimate goal would be to not have two sizes of diapers in the house at the same time. It's common for an older child to revert to accidents when a baby comes along, so I'd love for Connor to be consistent enough in his potty training that we can avoid that. We'll see. I'm really not too worried about it. He'll do it when he's ready, it's just really amazing watching him become a little boy. :)


The Neerings Family said...

Audrey LOVED going in public places too, it was good and kinda gross too!
I am so with you on not having two sizes of diapers in the house at the same time! It was very weird though to have diapers back on the shopping list after a year of none! Good luck, it's not the funnest milestone, but it's a big one!

Karen said...

OMG. I died laughing at the toot part. Seriously hilarious!

Stick chart worked really well with my kids. That and M&Ms. :)

Good luck potty training!