Wednesday, January 27, 2010

Nearly Wordless Wednesday

Arizona was hit by some intense storms this past week. I told Katy that I'd take some pics of flodding and damage and saw this as I entered my neighborhood on Saturday. Some of the rain had already soaked up but if you look way in the back you can see a couple large, mature trees down.

Connor got some really cute PJs from Corliss (aka-Tashi). He loves them. We have to wash them constantly so he can wear them all week.

we're in pull-ups!

horrible pic but i was battling with the flash because you couldn't see all the rain unless I left it off. I love that my kid inheirited my obsession love of weather!


someone made a mess


Katy said...

That first picture looks like it's on the corner of Dobson & Arrowhead? My aunt said she could feel her house shaking! Almost like she was about to lift off. So scary!

Lindsay said...

yes that's exactly where it is...the turn-in for my neighborhood. i actually flipped around on our way home to get a pic for you!!