Tuesday, January 12, 2010

Week 20 Update

One thing about pregnancy that is a bit tough to deal with is the teeny tiny list of medications that are ok to take. As far as headaches and muscle pain goes, I'm an Aleve girl. Unfortunately...even one dose of anything stronger than Tylenol can be dangerous to a pregnancy so I am stuck with Tylenol. Such a bummer, but whatever. Somewhere in the last couple of days, I managed to pick up a cold or sinusy something or other. Dealing with this without aleve cold and sinus is no bueno.

According to my weekly emails, now that I'm 20 weeks along little Noah is the size of a banana. There is something twisted about me but whatever food they tell me the baby is sized like, is the food that sounds extremely tasty to me. I'm gross. At this point, he's swallowing more and making meconium, that disgusting tar junk that will be his first BM.

I had another doctors appointment yesterday which was full of nearly all good news. My doctor confirmed yesterday that the perinatal office was pleased with my ultrasound and said that my placenta had moved to a good position and that we were pretty much out of the danger zone in regards to the previa and accreta. Great news, really great news! They did however say that they want me back in 2-4 weeks for another Level 2 ultrasound to look at Noah's heart. Before you flip out like I did, don't. At my first Level 2 appointment a couple weeks ago, Noah wasn't being very cooperative when they tried to see the heart. They could get a strong heart beat and see that there were all parts accounted for, but he just wasn't wanting to position himself in a way that they could get enough shots of the heart so they want us back in a couple weeks to try again. They've already assured us that nothing is wrong with the heart, so I'm just looking forward to getting to see him again. I love ultrasounds!

The doctor also told me that I'm measuring a bit big which is incredible news to us. I asked if it was because I was gaining too much weight. My doctor laughed and told me no, that in fact I was down another pound from my last appointment a few weeks ago. He said that the uterus has measured a teeny bit big all along which was news to us. I'm positive Connor measured small all along. Maybe this baby will make it to 7lbs. Doesn't matter to me, I'm a section so the baby could come out huge for all I care. Not really. I like my small babes. Back to the weight gain issue, I am apparently down 10lbs overall through the pregnancy which is ok since Noah is still thriving and growing perfectly. I've gained weight but not enough to even out after all the puking, so I'll probably come close to breaking even at the end I'd guess.

My blood pressure concerns seem to be gone and Noah's heartbeat was strong at 144 this week. Once again, they had difficulty finding it due in part to the placement of my placenta...but mostly due to the fact that the nurse told me that the baby was ornery and really, really fast. I told her we liked our kids ornery and that we'll keep him! Connor came with us to the appointment again and was again, pretty freaked out seeing me on the table. I think this may be the last time we take him. I want him there to see/experience all of this, but there are just too damn many buttons and expensive machines for him to mess with in there. I'd like for him to be there for an ultrasound, but the level two is pretty long and i just don't think he'll last. i'm not sure if i'll have another ultrasound after that one so we may be out of luck. The level twos come on a dvd with the entire video of the scan so maybe we'll just watch that together at home.

The other great news that we got at the doctor yesterday is that we don't need to come back for a regular OB appointment for 4 weeks! That may seem like the normal amount of spacing between appointments, which it is! But during this pregnancy, we've had to come back every 2-3 weeks because of all the issues so this seems to be a landmark for us! Our doctor told us that he thinks we've passed all the complications and that we should be free and clear at this point. I hope he's right obviously.

Thanks for checking in on us...I'm off to find a banana smoothie! :)


Karen said...

Hooray for good news! I used to love those weekly updates. It's so much fun reading about what the baby is doing.

lindsey said...

i love your updates!! makes me remember all this fun/exciting pregnancy stuff. Glad to hear you and baby Noah are doing well.