Wednesday, January 20, 2010

Week 21 Update

It feels funny not having a doctor's appointment this week. Not like i have one every week, but it sure felt like it there for a while, between normal OB appts being scheduled every 2-3 weeks, and ultrasounds being set up in between. Right now we have the second Level 2 coming up on Feb 5th and the next OB appointment on Feb 8th so I have a couple weeks to enjoy not being at the doctor's office. Looking forward to it!

Twenty one weeks means that I'm more than halfway there. Since I'm delivering at 39 weeks, I guess I only have 18 weeks to go. When you think of it like that it seems really soon, but it's really not. I saw online yesterday that I have something like 127 days left or something silly like that. Should countdowns really start that early on? No. I don't think that they should. It's like starting the Christmas countdown in August. No bueno.

yes, that's Miley Cirus dressed as a carrot.

My 21 week update said that Noah is currently the size of a carrot. He's roughly 10.5 inches long and about 3/4 of a pound now. At this point, he's due to start gaining weight pretty rapidly. I'm really only feeling him move around, but that will soon turn to full on kicks as he gets biggger and stronger. I'm looking forward to that. It never really got painful with Connor. I just liked feeling him moving around. No matter how hard the kick to the ribs, it's a constant reassurance that he's in there and doing ok. This week his eye lids and brows are present which is quasi-creepy.

This may be very egocentric, very possible, but I feel like everyone is pregnant right now. Connor was born during a huge baby boom and I'm feeling like it's happening again. Seriously. There are two girls from my sorority pledge class who are due the same week as I am, as well as several girls from high school, work, etc. Facebook has really made it obvious that about 5 months ago several of us were doing the same thing. Thanks facebook, that's not creepy at all.

Oh, i'm thinking about getting one of those creepy floating baby countdowns on here-not just a plain ticker thing. I saw one on someone's blog that had funny developmental notes...any thoughts or recommendations?

That's really it for now, thanks :)

UPDATE: I found a couple baby tickers that weren't boring. The creepy floating baby is on the right menu and the blue ticker with funny developmental stuff is right below it. which does everyone like more??


Katy said...

Is that Milie Cyrus dressed up as a carrot? Good to hear everything is going smoothly

The Neerings Family said...

Haha...I got that floating baby ticker countdown when I was preggo with Owen. I thought it was kinda creepy at first, but as they get bigger it's cute!

Karen said...

I really like how the top ticker says that Noah is a whole pound heavier than Kate Moss. LOL Awesome.