Friday, June 25, 2010

Mother's Day 2010

this is a better late than never Mother's Day post since I forgot about posting Mother's Day pics until I went to post Father's Day ones and realized I was missing something. It's funny to think that Mother's Day was pre-Noah and Father's Day was post-Noah. Father's Day pics are next...stay tuned!

I hope all the mom's out there had a great Mother's Day. Ours was good, but odd. Kinda anti-climactic I guess...we were just been waiting for the unexpected with Noah I guess. I kept seeing myself in the hospital on Mother's Day. Glad that didn't happen!

Sunday for Mother's Day my mom and dad came over for lunch. I planned a little craft project for Connor to do with my mom and I so that he could make us little gifts for Mom's day. It turned out great and was super cheap and easy. I just bought some wood frames at Michaels and my dad spray painted them white. On Mother's Day, Connor stuck these little pre-cut foam pieces to the frames however he wanted for each of us. I had a few different pics printed out to choose from and that was all. Here's the finished products--I love mine, it's already displayed in my office!

I let Connor pick out his outfit and he choose his “baby Noah shirt” which made me happy because I found it fitting for the day and I also realized that I never got a photo of the three of us with him wearing his shirt. None of the pics of the three of us were really good, but this was the least horrible one.

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