Thursday, June 24, 2010

Nearly Wordless Wednesday

we decided that at 3 weeks of age it was time for Noah's first Dbacks game! Crazy? perhaps. He did amazing though...probably because he was wrapped up all tight in the sling. It was a Yankees series so it was really, really noisy (and equally obnoxious!) but Noah hardly noticed. I'm pretty sure we lost. I hate baseball.
connor loves playing in the Sandlot area. he was pretty upset because finally after a ton of games, he realized there is a little batting cage nearby but he's just too young to participate...maybe next season!

rockin the baby sling. thanks keiko!

Lucas and Noah napping-one of my bffs ashley had their 2nd kiddo Lucas a few weeks before Noah arrived so she brought him over to visit last week. it's nice having other "unemployed" friends during this time!!

is this blurry? my eyes are honestly too tired to tell :)

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Jeni Lyn said...

You look absolutely beautiful Lindsay! I wish I looked that great after childbirth!
As for baseball.... I LOVE that sport so I, personally, think it is never to early to indroduce the best sport in the whole wide world!