Wednesday, June 30, 2010

Father's Day 2010

Jeffrey sent me an email way back in January from the Cubs website and the subject of the email was "Father's Day Gift". Subtle Jeff. I took the hint and kept the email saved in my calendar so that once it was getting close, I'd be reminded that I have a gift all set. Score. I knew I'd be just a couple weeks post-partum at that point so I'd surely appreciate the reminder.

The item was called "Newborn Fan Club" with the Cubs and it included a super cute baby beanie-the hat, not the lame stuffed toy, a rookie of the year onesie, a fun birth certificate and the best, most adorable give them your newborn's birth stats and they put them up on the famous Cubs sign thingy at Wrigley and they take a photo and send it to you. This thing is totally Jeffrey, totally. So a few days after Noah was born I ordered it for him...from the hospital bed. Who's an amazing wife? Oh, that would be me. How cool are these?

When Connor was brand new, for Jeffrey's first Father's Day he'd told me that he'd love cubs stuff for Connor to have. I decided I'd go the same route and got Noah three adorable Cubs onesies that he can wear when he's a bit bigger. Go me.

Also, every year for Father's Day I give Jeffrey a photo book. The book has about 50 pages of photos from the going-ons of Connor (& Noah this year) in the past year. It takes forever and I tend to work on it throughout the year to get it completed, but Jeff looks forward to it every year and I love having them to look back on. We're all so horrible about actually printing photos since they are all digital that I figure this is a great way to have some of our most important photos in hard copy. If you want to see a digital version of the finished product, CLICK HERE. (hope the link's been iffy...) I hope to continue doing this forever because he loves it and for selfish reasons I love it too.

Also, because I love gifts that the kids make we did a cute project for Jeffrey. He had mentioned that he was kinda bummed that Connor wouldn't be in school this summer so he wouldn't be coming home with a cute art project for Father's Day...I figured I could come up with something for him instead. We spent some time the week before Father's Day and the result was pretty great. I dipped Connor's hands and Noah's feet in paint and cut the prints out to make a little wreath. I put a pic of the boys in the center of the wreath and a sappy poem on the back. He loved it and it's already hanging up in his office.


witticism here said...

That Cubs thing is such a great idea. Jeff thinks he is a Cubs fan because he was conceived and born in Illinois. Whatev.

Krista said...

That cubs sign is AWESOME!!!

Katy said...

will you send me that link? It wasn't working and I want to see it. That cubs sign is so cool! I bet Jeff loved it