Monday, June 14, 2010

Nearly Wordless Wednesday

How is it that I have an easier time blogging consistently when I'm working full time and then coming home and being wife and mommy? seriously...I don't think I've even touched the computer in the past two weeks...fortunately, I access email and FB from my phone or I'd really be a lost soul. :)

Super long post, written over several sittings:

The first two weeks with Noah have really been great - overall. I say overall because no matter how wonderfully behaved a newborn is, there is the exhaustion factor. I gots it. There is really no accounting for waking up every 2-3 hours overnight to feed a newborn and then pray that there's no spitting up. Honestly, those 30 minutes or so after they eat are so frightening. There is just nothing like watching a poor little baby spew milk from their mouth and nose at 3am. Nothing. Clean them, clean yourself, new clothes, new bedding, etc. Oh, and then if they are really new like Noah you can't just suds them up because they have a angry looking circumcision to be incredibly careful around and a cord stump to work around until that blessed day when both are healed and a distant memory. Ahhh.

But he sleeps all the time and that's great because it really allows me to get some much needed rest. The difficulty here...Connor. He just doesn't really get it that I get to be home with him all day long, but I'm jumping into bed every chance I get. I'm about 80% healed from the surgery at this point but there's nothing quite like catching 30-45 minutes of sleep here and there. Noah is still more of less eating every three hours, but will sometimes stretch it to 4, 5 or even 6 once or twice if he's enjoying a really great nap. I live for those long stretches. :)

If you cringe at nursing stuff (talking to you Patricia), turn away here. I'm not talking about anything gross, but I know it's just not everyone's thing. We're doing a combo as far as feeding Noah goes. He's a great nurser but really only off one side which is beyond complicated. He's really easy in that he'll take a bottle gladly as well...whether there's pumped breastmilk in there or formula. Gotta love that since Jeff gets to do feeding times as well. I'm glad I can nurse Noah since it didn't work out with Connor. Now, I'm not someone who was disappointed when Connor didn't breastfeed--I just don't understand that thinking. To me, if it happened, it happened. Since I had to have surgery a couple weeks after Connor was born it was just way too difficult since I was in the hospital and my newborn was home with family. Also, Connor like Noah was a ravenous eater and would not patiently wait the couple seconds for the milk to letdown so he'd flip out like a crazy when the goods didn't come instantly. I pumped for about 4-5 months with Connor so that he had plenty of breastmilk supplemented with formula, but it just got way too difficult when starting a new job. Like most things in parenting, there's always a huge debate over who fares the who breastfeed or kids who don't. Seriously? Who cares? Formula is so wonderful now that it certainly surpasses what I'm kicking out :) I'm 99% sure that the hot pockets I eat daily aren't able to compete with all the goodness in formula! Anyway, Noah is nursed a couple times a day, bottlefed breastmilk a couple times a day and gets formula during the overnight feedings just in case the hype is true and it will keep his belly full for longer stretches :) We're not convinced that it does, but we are willing to give it a shot.

So far, Noah has been to the pediatrician twice. The first appointment was just a few days after we came home from the hospital so he was a week old. Because I'm nursing and because he wasn't up to his birth weight yet, we went back after another week. The second appointment was just to do a weight check pretty much. He was weighing 7lbs 14.5oz at that second appointment so he's gaining weight well and almost there. His cord came off at his appointment so I'm thrilled to be done with that--now he can take real baths and we don't have to fold the damn diaper over to avoid the cord. So far the belly button is cute :)

I had my two week postpartum appointment last week and all is well. Because I had a section, I had this appointment so they could check my incision and make sure everything was as it should be. I'll go back in four more weeks and be checked out to have all restrictions lifted. I am still having some pain and bleeding at the incision but it's absolutely nothing compared to what it was so I'm happy for that.

He's so alert when he's awake now and it's so fun to watch him follow me around with his eyes. He can lift his head when he feels like it but is still all flimsy and bobble-headed most of the time. He's strong. Really strong. Sometimes I have difficulty during diaper changes because his legs are honestly so freakin strong and he just won't let you do what you need to do. Oh, he hates having his diaper changed. Hates it. Screams and screams. But he's a sweet baby. Loves cuddling and being held. He will cuddle anyone and everyone and I think his favorite spot is laying on the chest. Awww, babies. He likes laying on his side and has even flipped himself over a couple times which means we're really going to have to keep an eye on him!

Lots and lots of info there...sorry for the information dump but there it is. :) Here are pics from the past couple of weeks.

We took Connor to Build a Bear and let him make Noah an animal all by himself. He made him a hockey playing tiger.

i'm not sure how well you can see this, but boys are dangerous with their pee :) only when they are really little, but still. if you look behind Noah in this pic, there is an obvious sprinkle trail up onto the bed. you can also see a pile of sheets and a mattress pad to the left...those were fresh out of the washer/dryer from when he'd done it earlier that day. we'll never learn apparently!

warning: maternity leave doesn't always shower


Not really a real bath since his cord was still in tact so it was just a sponge bath. He didn't love it.
lol. like the censorship? This is Noah's first REAL bath.

Connor got a Toy Story 3 book from Tashi and wanted to read it to Noah. I love how amazing he is with his little brother.

Connor has been rewarded with lots and lots of wii over the last two weeks. High Score in bowling...190. Seriously. 190.


Katy said...

OMG, I'm dying. I need to see you stat.

Krista said...

Love the pictures. You have a beautiful family! I'm glad you are feeling better!

Karen said...

I love the new pics!

Showering is totally overrated once you have two kids. :)