Tuesday, January 11, 2011

7 months old

Mobility is the theme of this age for Noah Bear. He's crawling - to clarify, he's been crawling since mid-December so he's a crawler. He loves sitting up and looking around or grabbing at whatever is close enough for him to grab. If it's not close enough he'll crawl over, grab it and then sit there for a while just chewing on it. When he gets really excited about something he pounds his hand into the ground or slaps his leg over and over while smiling his big, gummy smile. I loves him.

Speaking of his smile, he's still rockin the two bottom teeth. they are bigger now so you can usually see them when he smiles or "talks".

We were at a doctor's appointment last week and I was jokingly trying to get him to say Mama. Dada was first for Connor so it's a constant joke for us that Noah will pick me. I kept saying Mama and Jeff kept saying Dada. After a few rounds Connor pushed past us, looked right at Noah and said "Connor!". It was hilarious and I wouldn't be surprised at all if Bear does choose his brother's name first. They really love each other and I'm so thrilled that they have each other.

His favorite toys still seem to be whatever Connor is playing with or whatever he wants to chew on at the time. Oh man I realized this morning that we've bought them matching shirts. I don't intend for them to wear them at the same time but if I were that person, they'd have a week of matchy matchy craziness. I blame Old Navy.

He's still eating a ton. Yesterday at dinner he had three large scoops of oatmeal mixed with a Stage 3 size amount of sweet potatoes - 6oz of sweet potatoes! That's a lot if you're not down with the baby food stats. We've been giving him a sippy and he just doesn't seem to have any interest in it beyond chewing on it. Maybe I'll put his milk in there and see if that changes his mind!

Here are a few of the 7 month highlights...

Noah is at an age now where he and Connor can play. This is both good and bad news for Connor. If we need Noah pacified somewhere we will tell Connor to go play with him or entertain him. Noah thinks everything Connor does is hilarious and deserves one of his famous belly laughs.

standing!! already!! On Christmas morning, Noah put his hands on one of those popcorn tins, pulled himself up and stood there until we sat him down. He loves standing. I remember this time with Connor and once they stand they don't want to do anything else. Noah is exactly the same. We really have to keep an eye as he somehow targets things like the laundry basket, or an empty box or other items that won't stay put when he pushes on them. Connor had stitches right about this point due to being an early mover so we'd love to avoid that with Bear if at all possible!!

7 months also gets Noah taking baths like a big boy - sitting totally by himself without his little chair bath tub thing. He loves it. We need one of those huge tubs for them, but let's get real. A few people have commented about me posting pics of them in the bathtub. Is this creepy and I'm totally unaware of it? I don't want to be that weirdo who posts uncomfortable pics of her kids...they are just babies, come on! :)
how cute is this little hoodie? so cute, I know.

being silly - Noah at 7 months, Connor at 43 months. bahahah. 3 1/2

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Jill said...

Did I say this already? Josh's first word was Emma. He kept saying this word we couldn't decipher for the longest time and one day it dawned on me, he was saying her name. So cute!