Wednesday, January 12, 2011

Crap Morning

At first I was liking this morning, even tweeted/fb about it because I put my new contacts in and there is just something about having fresh, new, not globbed up with eye history contacts.

I got in an accident about a block from my office today. I was driving along, enjoying my ten minutes to myself each day, and saw a grocery bag with stuff in it up ahead in my lane. I had plenty of time to change lanes so I turned around to look back in the other lane. My truck, like most larger SUVs has horrible blind spots so I can't really rely on my mirrors. I saw a little pickup a ways back so I started to get over. There must have been an Accord in my blindspot coming up fast that I totally missed because all of a sudden I heard this scratching noise.

Seriously, it didn't even sound like a crash like it should, which I suppose is good news. I turned into a side street and sat there for a moment screaming at myself in my car. I called Jeff told him I was ok but had just been in an accident and where I was. After fumbling around for my insurance info I got out and saw the other driver. She looked like she was near vomit. Seriously.

I asked if she was ok and she said yes but that she suffers from severe panic 'episodes'. episodes. jesus. She was such a wreck that she couldn't even write out her info and had me do it for her. I felt bad while still being annoyed at the whole damn thing. It was really dark out still but from what I could tell her drivers door had scratches - not pretty but hopefully no real body work. My truch had a good sized dent in the fender - likely where her side view mirror was. Otherwise there were just scratches that should be simple enough, hopefully. When I opened my passenger door there was a little click noise so I guess I'm more concerned with what you can't see if that makes sense.

If anyone knows of an auto body place that would love to trade labor for Dbacks tickets let me know :) Only kind of kidding, mostly not. Ugh. I'm so pissed at this whole thing. Luckily our deductible is manageable and the car is still totally driveable.

I know everyone says the important thing is that no one is hurt. I 500% know that's the truth, but just allow me to stew in the financial ouch of it all.

We exchanged info and went on our way once I was sure she wasn't going to pass out. She worked closeby so I was pretty sure she would make it to her office. It was pretty quick dealing with the entire mess and I arrived to my office only 10 minutes late.

Happy Hump Day, sigh.


Krista said...

boo! I hope your day gets better. What a rough way to start out. :(

Katy said...

Yeah, everyone says...glad you're ok, which you're right is the important thing, except DAMNIT car crashes are expensive!