Monday, January 17, 2011

Nearly Wordless Wednesday

I've been horrible at Nearly Wordless Wednesday postings so why not start up a post at 11pm. Sounds like a totally reasonable idea - oh, and I'm aware it's not Wednesday but if I waited until Wednesday it just may not happen :) I haven't pulled cell phone pics in a while so there are a few great ones here that I really wanted to get up.

This is after the trophy ceremony for tball.

Noah loves watching Connor - this was at soccer practice

we're introducing the sippy cup and Noah doesn't seem to be buying what we're selling. He's all about chewing on it...but he sees there's stuff in there and when it doesn't immediately go pouring into his mouth he loses interest and usually throws the cup. amazing.

we've just recently started having meals at the actual dinner table. is this horrible that it's a 'recently' thing? we never, ever eat at our table. i can feel the judgement happening as you read this. whatever, we're trying to be better.

this is what I saw as I tried to organize our spice cabinet. He started climbing the step stool. boys.

I promise Connor is laughing in this photo. He was laughing so hard that I'm surprised there wasn't a cleanup needed. Noah grabbed his hair in one hand and proceeded to beat him with the other hand.

look at those leg rolls will you? he's totally squeezable. and lazy. he can totally hold his bottle and will do it when he feels like it but sometimes he will just lay himself down and be a bum about it.

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