Thursday, January 20, 2011

Nearly Wordless Wednesday

I seriously need to stop calling this post Nearly Wordless Wednesday. That's ok, I'm just thrilled to have a place to post our pics - lord knows baby books are practically archaic at this point.

We've had a busy past week or so. Each year, my sorority selects two cities to host an event called Chi Omega Today. They select highly performing alumnae chapters and this year Phoenix was selected. This is me being a super thrilled, super proud President!! My friend who works as the Director of Alumnae Development at our HQ in Memphis was keeping me informed as to the number of RSVPs as the event got closer. I was amazing, and proud once again. She told me that the average presentation had about 30-35 women last count we had over 90 RSVP. staggering, right? Well, the National President attended our presentation which was amazing. If I can put this into perspective, each collegiate chapter has a President - the college Sister who runs the chapter. Each state/alumnae chapter also has a President who runs the alum chapter (that's me). The entire sorority is run by 5 Governing Council members and the President is part of that council...and she came here!! I don't tell a lot of people this, but I'd love that job down the road, love it. I use the word 'job' loosely because for as much work as the role includes, it's voluntary just like my position is. Anyway, the event was a huge success. It was held at the JW Marriott at Desert Ridge, which is also the site of the 2012 Chi Omega Convention. Convention is coming here which means that more than 1200 Chi Omegas and their families will be traveling to Phoenix in July 2012...can't wait. I'm hoping to be re-elected President so I can serve in this capacity during Convention. So much fun.

That was a long story for only having one photo of the Chi Omega Today presentation. This is just a small group of us with Letitia Fulkerson, the National President.

Sara Koda, Marni Money, Letitia Fulkerson, Me, Alona Del Rosario, Shelley Lair, Rheana Techapinyawat, Wyndham Roth
Otherwise, we've just been busy with normal activities like soccer practices and games, watching our boys grow up far too fast and trying to enjoy family time a bit more. Here are a few funny pics of Noah taken this week.

Noah has been gagging each time we give him those little puffs so we gave up for a week or two. I tried it again last night and he full on ate them. I mean, it was a total mess and they were stuck all over him but he didn't gag or choke one time. As you can see by the pics, he loved them. I love the one of him licking the table. lol.

so inquisitive...he managed to crawl into the bottom of his jumper. the good news is he was able to get himself out too


Krista said...

Congrats on Chi Omega Today! I had no idea! Awesome!!!

Shelby said...

That is a pretty cool accomplishment! Congrats. Good luck on getting Pres for next year too - that would be sooo much work but a lot of fun at the same time!