Monday, January 17, 2011

Connor loves soccer

Tball, football, golf, bowling, the sport and Connor loves it. Really loves it. After finishing up tball a few weeks ago we started soccer. Connor hasn't ever really played it but he's really into anything sports so we went with it. The fact that it's a bit more active than baseball was likely helpful as well since there wouldn't be as much down time which causes "I'm hungry", "I want to go home" and "I have to go potty" to occur out of sheer boredom.

So, Kaci and Connor are now playing soccer. We only had one practice and then it was game day so we had no idea what to expect. tears? tantrum? who knows. Like most of his games, the family was out in full force. Both of my parents were there, Jeff's mom, Stephanie, Sarah, Chuck, Jalen and even Will was in town and stopped by. It was great. We're always a presence I suppose.

Right off the bat, Connor scored a the other team's goal but still. A GOAL. I hate that there aren't lots of goals in soccer and he got one. Thrilled. Espcially thrilled since the goal was in the wrong net - hilarity. I always love that stuff and he came through for us. Not just once...but THREE times that game. He scored three goals, all in the wrong goal. We didn't care, it was amazing. He loved it. Here's a video I got of his first goal. You can hear us telling him to turn around and to head the other way but we gave that up after goal #2 and just went with it.

how many goals did you get Connor? Three. FYI, this is three in sign language.

purple jerseys. love.

when you are three there are a couple "norms"...there is no 'out of bounds' and always run in a pack.

Bear loved it too

Go Thunder! Final: Thunder: 3, Other Team: 1

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Krista said...

love, love, love the own goals!